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Rescue Your Neck and Shoulder – Free Tuina Massage Experience

Are busy work schedules and a fast-paced life causing discomfort in your shoulders and neck? Worry not! Our new Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic (Book Now: Ma Kuang TCM Clinic @ Hougang Mall) is about to open, bringing you an unprecedented soothing experience. Bid farewell to the troubles of shoulder and neck pain.


Have You Experienced the Following Symptoms?

1. Persistent soreness in the shoulders and neck, making it difficult to concentrate?

2. Feeling stiffness in the neck, making turning your head a challenging task?

3. Discomfort in the neck muscles after using a computer or smartphone for extended periods?

4. Difficulty relieving shoulder and neck pain caused by maintaining the same posture for a long time?

5. Work-related stress causing tension in the shoulder and neck muscles, affecting sleep?



If you have experienced the above symptoms, worry not. Ma Kuang TCM Tuina massage can provide effective relief and comfort. Schedule a session of TCM Tuina massage to release tension in your shoulders and neck and enjoy a new level of health experience.


Clinic Grand Opening:

Ma Kuang TCM Clinic @ Hougang Mall is set to open grandly, featuring a modern environment and a professional Tuina therapist team to provide you with a delightful therapeutic experience. During the opening, there will be several surprises waiting for you to enjoy, allowing you to experience the unique charm of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tuina Massage.



Free Tuina Massage Experience & TCM Consultation:

The customers who Book Appointments before the clinic opening will enjoy a free Tuina massage experience! Reserve your spot now for a chance to receive professional care from our TCM Tuina therapist team. Say goodbye to your shoulder and neck pain.


We sincerely invite you to visit our new TCM Hougang Mall Clinic.


Three Days Special Period: 20 Dec 2023 - 22 Dec 2023

Ma Kuang TCM clinic @ Hougang Mall

Location: 90 Hougang Ave 10, #04-19, Singapore 538766


Book Now: 9116 8327


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