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《马光健康医聊室 Ma Kuang Health Talk》

Get ready for an exciting Facebook live show with Ma Kuang TCM in September 2023! Join us for《马光健康医聊室 Ma Kuang Health Talk, where we'll be giving away prizes worth more than $500!


Details as below:

Topic 1: 《中医针灸真的可以美容吗?Have You Tried TCM Acupuncture for Beauty?》*This talk will be held in Mandarin. 中文讲座

Date & Time: 21 September 2023 (Thursday), 8pm - 9pm

Special Guest: Physician Zuo YaSong 马光左雅颂中医师


Topic 2: 《想要身体健康 – 就要谨“肾”?It’s All In Your Kidney》*This talk will be held in Mandarin. 中文讲座

Date & Time: 22 September 2023 (Friday), 8pm - 9pm

Special Guest: Physician Liu Yi Zheng 马光刘宜政中医师


Register early via this link to receive a REMINDER :


Before fill-up the registration form (click here) on a computer or mobile device, you MUST login with your Google Account. Otherwise, you will be prompted to login Google Account when you click the registration link.

  •  -Please login your Facebook account for attendance taking purpose.
  •  -You can start entering the FB live from 7.55pm onwards.
  •  -You are kindly invited to submit your specific questions on topics presented or other current dilemmas related to health during our Facebook Live. Your questions will be answered by our TCM Physician.
  •  -Please stay tuned until the end of our live show, you’ll have chance to win Lucky Draw Prize.

Click on this link to join the Facebook Live :


Terms and Conditions:
* Ma Kuang reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
* Attendees that do not abide or portray bad ethical during live show will be blacklisted automatically.


Join us for an informative and engaging discussion on traditional Chinese medicine and how it can improve your health and beauty. Register now and get ready for an exciting evening with Ma Kuang TCM!!!