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A Dietitian’s 6 Tips to Stay Healthy and Slim During Chinese New Year (CNY)

1. Keep Hydrated

It is always hot and humid in our country, especially during Chinese New Year. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. You can choose non-sweetened or sugar-free beverages such as plain water, juices, flower teas, etc.


2. Avoid Processed Food

When you’re eating either a proper meal or snacks, opt for whole natural foods like chicken breast, salmon, steamed fish, nuts, seeds, dried or real fruits.


3. Watch Portion Size

Make sure to eat mindfully. Keep track of the food you’ve eaten to avoid overeating. You may trick yourself by choosing a smaller plate or bowl when you eat.


4. Stay Active

Move around! If you can continue your workout routine, it’ll be great! Otherwise, make sure you move around and stay physically active to burn off the calories.


5. Get Enough Sleep

The problem with having an inadequate amount of sleep could lead to weight gain. Make sure to take a nap or have a break in this festive season.


6. Have a Big Breakfast

Avoid visiting your friends and family’s house with an empty stomach. Start your day by fueling your body with a balanced breakfast. This can help to avoid eating extra calories for the rest of the day.