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Every parent needs to know about Traditional Chinese Medicine?


Every parent needs to know about Traditional Chinese Medicine for kids

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My child hates bitter medicine. How do I make him drink it?

If your child finds it too bitter to drink the medicine, you can add a little natural sweetener after scientific treatment, try not to add sugar or honey. Chinese medicine is not recommended to be taken in milk: mixing it in milk will affect the absorption of Chinese medicine ingredients; Second, because the medicine added to the milk, the taste will become very strange, after the baby may be afraid to drink milk. 


Feed with a spoon or syringe hello to tongue - Allow the baby lying in the arms of the head back slightly, and then scoop a spoonful of medicine, try to pour the medicine on the baby's tongue root, then spoon slowly, do not chock the child or force him/her to swallow the medicine.  


Let the child drink 2-3, and then let him play, then give him drink 2-3. Allow the child to take medicine while playing, can divert the child's attention, also let the child forget the bitterness taste of the medicine.


Tips while taking Chinese medicine


In case the baby vomited after taking Chinese traditional medicine, should I feed him again?

After vomiting can let the child rest for 10 to 20 minutes before feeding again; Do not feed if vomited more than 30mins.


Between Chinese traditional medicine and dinner, how long is the interval recommended?

Suggest interval at least half an hour, for example: after the meal half an hour to take Chinese medicine.


Which children's situation is not suitable for traditional Chinese medicine treatment?

Traditional Chinese medicine has many unique treatment methods, physicians will choose the appropriate treatment for children. When receiving TCM treatment, you can also receive western medicine and western medicine treatment at the same time. If you encounter acute symptoms, such as infectious diseases, high fever, poisoning and other diseases, it is recommended to take the western medicine treatment first. You can start taking Chinese medicine treatment once the symptoms ease, to accelerate patient rehabilitation.

While feeding Chinese traditional medicine to children, avoid forcing your child to take the medicine by pinching his nose otherwise the liquid inhalation trachea and lung, causing aspiration pneumonia, even asphyxia. In addition, in order to prevent children from vomiting, they should not eat too full before having the medicine.