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(Article) Gastrointestinal system determines your health

Gastrointestinal system determines your health

XU XIAO ZHEN Senior Physician


Nowadays, the working life of people is more stressful, many functional gastrointestinal problems and emotional disorders are closely related and many do not know how to improve the condition. From the patients with gastrointestinal disorders clinically, there are 30% of them having tendency to develop depression and anxiety disorder. Patients with gastric acid reflux symptom are four times more likely to experience anxiety disorder. More than 15% of the patients with irritable bowel disorder are 6 times more prone to develop frequent anxiety disorder at the same time. Symptoms related to gastrointestinal system such as burping and belching, stiffness in the chest, difficulty in swallowing, heartburn acid reflux, fatigue, chronic illness with a weak physique, dreading to exercise, weakness in the limbs, dry and hard stools or constipation are usually linked to emotional disorders.


In TCM, we termed problems with gastrointestinal function as Pi-Wei disease, which mainly involve the spleen, stomach, large and small intestines. The spleen in TCM is a functional system which comprises of the spleen and stomach, which is equivalent to the whole digestive system organs except the liver and gallbladder. If the stomach and intestinal tract is damaged, it will affect the absorption of food nutrients and various organs cannot be guaranteed to receive sufficient nutrients. This will cause deterioration and pathological changes in other functional systems apart from the digestive system.


Physician Xu emphasizes that it is prior to regulate stomach Qi for gastrointestinal problems clinically: Si Jun Zi Tang, Yi Gong San, Shen Ling Bai Zhu San, Qi Wei Bai Zhu San, Yi Wei Tang and more are commonly used. TCM physicians will concoct suitable formulas aimed at each individual’s physique and symptoms. Within one or two weeks, the symptoms will improve significantly. To prevent relapse of the disease, the patient should coordinate with the physician to regulate his or her constitution for a period of time as TCM treatment can improve the root of the problem.