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Ma Kuang TCM workshops

18 Aug Postnatal Care With TCM -mandarin class


-What is Postpartum Recovery really like?

-Choosing the right Chinese herbs

-Physician "LIVE DEMO" on Postpartum Recipes 

25 Aug TCM Beauty Secrets -mandarin class


-TCM Natural Weight Management

-Experience Facial Acupuncture & Facial guasha (Physician demo)

01 Sep  TCM paediatric natural healing


-Common Child Allergies

-Physician TuiNa Demo for the Kiddos

-TCM Eye Vision Therapy for Children

08 Sep Mind-Body Pain Relief -mandarin class


-Role of Acupuncture & TuiNa in Treating Acute & Chronic Pain

-Physician "Live" Demo on Acupuncture + TuiNa



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