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TCM treatment for UTI

TCM treatment for UTI




Women are more prone to urinary tract infection (UTI), as the female urethra opening is only a short distance from the perineum, and can easily get infected. The symptoms of urgency, frequent and painful urination occur when the urethra is inflamed and swollen.


     Recurrence is common when proper care is not taken after initial infection. Concomitants of chronic UTI include vaginitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.  Standard treatment for UTI is antibiotics. It’s fast acting, but may result in bacterial resistance with long-term use. Antibiotics can weaken one’s immune function, which may, in turns, cause chronic UTI.


     It is advised to use TCM herbal medicine in conjunction with standard antibiotic regimen to reduce recovery time and recurrence. UTI belongs to “Lin Zheng” category in TCM. Common symptoms include back pain, urgency, frequent and painful urination and/or lower abdominal pain. The cause is inflammation of the kidney and bladder system. Chronic UTI is associated with weak body constitution related to the spleen and kidney system. Herbal medicine can treat the underlying problem by reducing inflammation.


     Lifestyle changes maybe necessary to strengthen the immune system, and prevent exposure to infections. It is wise to avoid spicy food, maintain genital hygiene, reduce sexual frequency, drink plenty of water, and not to hold urine for a long period of time. Seek medical attention immediately when notice the symptoms.


UTI prevention formula:

Poria (Fu Ling)12g, grifola frondosa (Zhu Ling) 12g, white atractylodes tuber (Bai Zhu) 15g, cape jasmine fruit (Zhi Zi) 15g, Chinese angelica root (Dang Gui) 10g, plantain herb (Che Qian Cao) 30g, and half a pork tripe. Simmer all ingredients in water for one hour.