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TCM in cancer treatment-Cervical cancer

TCM in cancer treatment-Cervical cancer


Cervical cancer is the second most common cause of female specific cancer after breast cancer. Recent studies have shown that human papilloma virus (HPV) is the greatest risk factor of cervical cancer. The western cancer treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, may brings lots of discomfort to patients and weakens their immune system. The combination treatment of modern medicine and TCM shows good efficacy in reducing side effects of western therapy, improving patients' body condition and their quality of life, as well as enhancing the western treatment effectiveness.


TCM works well with western treatments

In the early stage of cervical cancer, surgical removal is sufficient. However, the blood loss during surgery process may cause health deterioration and weakened immunity. Urinary tract infection is commonly seen during chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Chinese medicine with heat-clearing effect and anti-tumor function are useful to relieve the infection.


External application of Chinese medicine

External treatment is another TCM methods to fight cancer locally. Ingredients: Scutellaria baicalensis, Fallopia japonica, Lonicera japonica, Forsythia suspensa, safflower, natural indigo, Cortex dictamni. Add water into the herbs and boil for 20 minutes, wait till the water becomes warm and wash the affected area.


Treatment by TCM alone

For patients who are not suitable for surgery, such as elderly, patients who are in mid or late stage, or those cannot stand chemotherapy due to poor physical condition, TCM helps in improving general health, boosting immunity, as well as controlling cancer progression. Treatment is tailored according to patient's needs, either through taking Chinese medicine orally or acupuncture, or both together. Here are the basics of these treatments: First, Stomach Qi regulation, which is important to energy production and body metabolism. Second, body replenishment, in order to balance the internal environment of body. Third, improvement of emotional health, a good mental state not only benefits cancer treatment, but also the subsequent survival rate and living quality.